CPD Courses

Every KEO, practising director/partner and salesperson will be required to undertake mandatory minimum of 6 hours continuing professional development (CPD) learning activities in each calendar year of which at least 3 CPD hours must be on core subject.    Only core CPD activities recognized by Council for Estate Agencies will be considered in the renewal of licensing/ registration under Regulation 15 Continuing Professional Development Programmes in Estate Agents (Estate Agency Work) Regulations 2010.
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Course Title

Serial No.



Credit Hour

 Perform HDB Resale Transaction for Seller





 Perform HDB Resale Transaction for Buyer





 Updating of HDB Resale Policies and Procedures





 Understanding the Main Provisions of Law Society 

 Conditions of Sale 2012

C2L1S0295 C2 L1 2
 Estate Agents Act and Regulations C1L1S0296 C1 L1 2
 Subletting of HDB room and whole flat C2L1S0297 C2 L1 2
 Lease of Private Residential Properties C2L1S0352 C2 L1 2
 Landlord and Tenant Law C2L1S0298 C2 L1 2
 Understanding the Main Clauses of the Option to Purchase C2L1S0302 C2 L1 2
  Mortgage and Mortgagee’s Sale of Real Estate C2L1S0303 C2 L1 2
 Sales of Private Residential Properties C2L1S0348 C2 L1 2
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i)   Effective communication skills
ii)   Customer relationship management
iii)   Financial planning & investment strategy


CPD Training Roadmap and Requirement

KEOs and salespersons can refer to CPD Training Roadmap as an advisory guide and FAQs on Training Roadmap when they sign up for core CPD courses.


Take effect on 01 October 2013, CPD Training Roadmap is a structured and comprehensive framework is to guide KEOs and salespersons in building up their capability and professionalism. Under the CPD training framework, core courses are grouped into three categories:


Core CPD Course Categories:

C1 focuses on developing and enhancing the professional ethics of KEOs and salespersons, and promoting their knowledge of the Estate Agents Act and Regulations.


C2 is designed to keep KEOs and salespersons abreast of the latest laws, government policies and regulations related to estate agency work and property transactions.


C3 is aimed at raising the professional standards of KEOs and salespersons through learning best practices relating to estate agency work and deepening knowledge of CEA's practice guidelines.


In addition to the minimum 6 CPD credit hours per year, KEOs and salespersons must attend at least one core CPD course under each of the three categories over three consecutive CPD cycles (3-year period).  This is to encourage KEOs and salespersons to attend a diversity of core courses and not to focus on any particular areas.


 * Those who fail to fulfill the training requirement will not be able to renew their licence and registration at the end of the third CPD cycle.


Below is an illustration of the new CPD requirement.

CPD Cycle

Core (C1 to C3) CPD courses attended

(Based on current CPD requirement of 6 credits of which minimum 3 must be core)

First CPD Cycle

(1 Oct 2013 - 30 Sep 2014)


Attended 1 course under C1

Attended 1 course under C3

Second CPD Cycle

(1 Oct 2014 - 30 Sep 2015)


Attended 1 course under C1

Attended 1 course under C2

Third CPD Cycle

(1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sep 2016)

Attended 1 course under C2

Attended 1 course under C3


Did the salesperson with above CPD records meet the new requirement?


Yes, as the salesperson had attended CPD courses under C1, C2 and C3 over three consecutive CPD cycles. In this instance, salesperson had fulfilled the requirement by the end of the second CPD cycle.




CPD Training Roadmap Features

The CPD courses in each category are pegged at three levels of expertise to match the needs of salespersons of different experience levels or at different stages of their careers.


Level 1: For Salespersons at Initial / Intermediate level to acquire Professional Knowledge needed

·         To develop firm foundation for essential skills required

·         To be competent salespersons and develop good ethics and professionalism


Level 2: For Salespersons at Advanced Level / Team Leaders to acquire in-depth understanding of Professional Knowledge / Problem Solving & Management Skills for those with supervisory responsibilities

·         To develop robust knowledge related to real estate

·         To acquire problem solving and management skills to manage a team effectively


Level 3: For KEOs and Practising Directors/Partners and Salespersons at Senior Management Level to explore finer details of real estate disciplines and develop Leadership and Key Management Skills




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