Refund policy

  • No cancellation is allowed once registration is confirmed.


  • Withdrawal from the course is permitted given prior official written notice 2 weeks before the course starts.  75% of the paid course fees will be refunded.


  • Withdrawal or postponement less than 2 weeks before the course start is not permitted unless there is a valid ‘unavoidable’ reason such as a medical issue.  In these cases, if the reason is considered valid we will try and place you in a later course run.


  • Pioneer reserves the right to defer course schedule for 2-4 weeks or any reasonable period in the event if the course cannot commence due to insufficient registered participants or any other reason(s) deem necessary by the management.  Options will be given to registered participants to switch class or continue to remain in the same registered batch.  However, full refund option will be provided if the course is still unable to start after the 1st deferment.


Course Schedule