RES Exam

CEA’s appointed Exam Administrator

SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC)
 Tel no: 6734 1292
 30 Orange Grove Road 
 Level 3 RELC Building
 Singapore 258352




As it is a requirement by CEA for the Exam Administrator to verify that all candidates meet the required pre-requisites, candidates MUST upload the following documents upon examination registration so that verification can be done by RELC to ascertain your eligibility to take the examination.


- RES Course Completion Certificate (Validity Period of 2 years),
- Highest Qualification Certificate (Min. 4 GCE O-Level Passes or Equivalent such as Higher NITEC and WPLN),
- CEA Assessment Letter which is valid for 3 years (For Overseas Qualification Only),
- Results Slips within timeframe of 2 years (For Re-takers Only),


Candidates who do not meet the required pre-requisites and attempt to register for the examination would be barred from taking the examination. Any fees paid by candidates would not be refunded.


Candidates who passed the examination but were subsequently found not to meet the required pre-requisites would have their results voided. Any fees paid by candidates would not be refunded. The candidate would also be barred from taking the examination in future.


For detailed information on the requirements, please visit the CEA Website.



Exam format

2 papers,  each 2 ½ hours duration.


Paper 1 & Paper 2

Section A

50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1 mark each

Section B

15 MCQs with reference to case study

2 marks each

Section C

10 Fill-in-the-blank Short Answer Questions (SAQs)

2 marks each









  • Modular passing will be allowed.
  • Candidates will be allowed to retake only their failed Paper.


Exam Schedule & Fee

  • RES Examination will be held once every 4 months on the 2nd or 3rd weekend (Sat - Paper 1 & Sun - Paper 2) of the month.
  • Exam fees is $417.30 per candidate and $235.40 for each retake Examiniation Paper.  All fee are inclusive of GST.
  • Candidates are advise to check with CEA appointed Examination Administrator for latest update.




RES Exam Schedule 2019




Exam Dates / Time

Paper Type

Online Reg. Closing Date

Reg. Closing Date


23 Feb, Sat

(09.30 am – 12pm)

Paper 1


28 Dec, Fri

24 Feb, Sun

(09.30am – 12pm)

Paper 2


29 Jun, Sat

(09.30 am – 12pm)

Paper 1


17 May, Fri

30 Jun, Sun

(09.30 am – 12pm)

Paper 2


19 Oct, Sat

(09.30 am – 12pm)

Paper 1



06 Sep, Fri


20 Oct, Sun

(09.30 am – 12pm)

Paper 2























Note: Prior to RES exam registration, candidates are advised to check the exam timetable carefully with CEA’s Appointed Exam Administrator. Under exceptional circumstances, there may be a change to the exam dates scheduled.



Last update: 23.01.2019


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