RES Exam Revision Course

RES Exam revision course curriculum is designed to better prepare would-be salespersons for passing the RES Examination, preferably on their 1st attempt.


Course Syllabus


Paper 1


Competency Unit 1 - Real Estate Agency Industry Overview

CU 1.1 - Real estate market and submarkets

CU 1.2 - Real estate market players and government intervention

CU 1.3 - Introduction (Basic Law Concepts)

CU 1.4 - Land

CU 1.5 - Estates in land

CU 1.6 - State Lands Act

CU 1.7 - Rights in another's land

CU 1.8 - Registration of titles


Competency Unit 2 - Dealings with Interests in Land

CU 2.1 - Law of Contract

CU 2.2 - Law of Agency

CU 2.3 - Landlord and Tenant Law

CU 2.4 - Negligence

CU 2.5 - Conveyance inter vivos

CU 2.6 - Mortgage

CU 2.7 - Gift of property

CU 2.8 - Trust

CU 2.9 - Succession

CU 2.10 - Future interest in land

CU 2.11 - Co-ownership of land

CU 2.12 - Restriction on Capacity to hold land

CU 2.13 - Planning and development of land



Paper 2


Competency Unit 3 - Regulation of Real Estate Regulations Agency & Real Estate Marketing

CU 3.1 - Regulation of real estate agency industry

CU 3.2 - Role and Functions of Salespersons and their requisite Knowledge and Skills

CU 3.3 - Principles of Real Estate Marketing

CU 3.4 - Types of Listing

CU 3.5 - Methods of Sales

CU 3.6 - Regulations on Advertisement

CU 3.7 - Marketing of Residential Property / HDB Flats

CU 3.8 - Marketing of Commercial Property

CU 3.9 - Marketing of Industrial Property

CU 3.10 - Marketing of Special Properties

CU 3.11 - Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act


Competency Unit 4 - Property Transactions

CU 4.1 - Sale of uncompleted private properties

CU 4.2 - Sale of completed private properties

CU 4.3 - Collective sale of private properties

CU 4.4 - Sale of HDB flats

CU 4.5 - Leasing of private properties

CU 4.6 - Subletting of HDB flats

CU 4.7 - Foreign worker housing

CU 4.8 - Taxes on property

CU 4.9 - Property finance and financial calculations




Course Application


Minimum criteria

Interested applicant must:

  • Registered or completed RES course with any CEA approved course providers.


Course duration


Total 1 x 7 hrs each classroom training session for one paper.
Total 2 x 7 hrs each classroom training session for two papers.




Course fees

  • $100.00 for one paper
  • $200.00 for two papers


Course fees include:

  • E-notes - Learner's guide
  • Revision summary notes
  • Mock Test
  • 24/7 online revision account (web version).
  • 2 attempts online revision for each competency unit (CU).  Preview online revision.



Group & Corporate discount applicable.  Terms & Conditions apply.
Please contact us for more information.


* Fees quoted exclude:

  • RES Exam fees





Course payment can be made via our company online business Paypal system or registered personally or mail cheque payable to Pioneer Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd to Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road #03-309P S(600134)





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I wish to inform that I have passed both my RES paper 1 & 2 (Sep 14 Exam), after attending Pioneer's RES Revision Class in September!  I attended the RES course with another course provider, failed on my first exam in July.
I must say Pioneer's online revision has lent a great help to my passing of the exams and I highly recommend to those who are seeking help to pass their exams, to take up Pioneer's RES Revision Class and to attempt as many questions set out in their online revision.

Thank you Pioneer!

Felicia Chew

28 Oct 2014


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